The Memory of Chiffon


Inspired by a true story, 'The Memory of Chiffon' tells the story of Cate whose marriage has ended in divorce. Her career is at a cross-roads, her mother is suffering from Alzheimers and her daughter believes in forest fairies and mythical creatures. Lost and confused about what she really wants in life, Cate decides to take her mother and daughter on a final trip, before her mother's memory has gone forever. They embark on what will become a life-changing journey to different countries in the world.


Through the discovery of her mother's recipes, stories and mixed memories, the holiday becomes a journey of self-discovery for Cate as she gains a profound - and oftentimes humerous - insight into her mother's life, the way in which Alzheimers is stripping away her sense of who she is, why her daughter lives in a fantasy world, and into the confusion and unfinished business of Cate's own life and loves.

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