Elle Matthews has written a number of screenplays for feature films. She is currently in development on two more screenplays - 'The Memory of Chiffon' and 'The Green Lady'.

OIL ON WATER is a haunting story about a young creative couple, Max and Anna, whose life together begins to spiral out of control when Max starts experiencing strange symptoms that he cannot explain to himself, or share with Anna. When Anna first meets Max, she is a young journalist and he is an intriguing and slightly eccentric artist. Deserted by her father as a young child, Anna allows herself to fall in love with Max, and to abandon herself, in trust, to a future with him. Bound to Max by love and art, Anna is at first confused, and then increasingly desperate when Max begins an emotional withdrawal from her and the life they have shared up until this time. When these 'symptoms' begin to manifest in other strange and often bizarre ways - and finally Max's art - it leads to Anna's utter despair and to her having to confront her fear that their relationship will not survive the change, or that she will be able to reconnect with Max again. The alteration in Max is mirrored in the unravelling of Anna and is given a voice through Anna's writing, which evolves over the five month time period in which this transformation occurs. Oil on Water is a visually evocative film depicting the raw humanity of two people trying to hold onto a life that's falling apart. It digs deep into the complex issues of life and love, art and reality, and manifests what it means to live in ignorance and in denial. And, ultimately with regret.

DAY OF THE DEAD MOON is a fantasy action feature, a fictionalized retelling of two epic historical battles which were fought within 24 hours between Zulu and British forces at Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. The story is told from mostly a Zulu perspective and focuses on a legendary Zulu warrior –Senzan - and Burton Blake, a British officer. The film centers around the events that lead to the development of a reluctant friendship between Senzan and Burton, and how they ultimately end up having to put their loyalty to their own nations before their friendship, and take up arms against each other - knowing that inevitably one of them will pay the ultimate price in two intensely pitched British-Zulu battles. Evocative of taut historical action features such as TROY and 300, DAY OF THE DEAD MOON is a hard-hitting, emotionally gripping story of loyalty, honour, greed and friendship, based on actual events.