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Elle Matthews is the South African author of the novel 'Oil on Water' and the 'Animal Adventures in Africa' children's book series. She has written a number of screenplays, including for the feature film 'Chiaroscuro'.

Elle was born in Pretoria and  attended Iona Convent. She studied psychology at UCT and after graduating, lectured at Medical University of South Africa. She joined Garden & Home as a senior sub-editor and Country Life as a writer.


In 2005 Elle started a film production company, and wrote/produced the award-winning feature film, 'Oil on Water'. Her novel was published in 2008 and her children's book series was launched in the same year. She is an author, producer for Green Shoot Films and founder of PawPrint Africa.

Elle Matthews was born in South Africa on August 11th, 1966. She attended school at Iona Convent in Pretoria, and studied psychology at the University of Cape Town. After graduating, she lectured English at Medical University of South Africa and worked at a number of children’s homes and children’s hospitals. She moved to KwaZulu Natal in to do research work on her novel, The Eternal Wait. Soon after, she joined Garden & Home magazine as a senior sub-editor and worked as a writer for Country Life magazine. She joined an advertising agency, where she ran the Public Relations Department and worked as a Strategic Planner and Account Director. 


The latest book in her children’s book series, Animal Adventures in Africa, is titled 'Wild Child' and follows 'An Elephant's Tail' and 'Serengeti Safari'. The series is currently being produced into an animated television series. Elle is currently working on her next two novels – 'The Memory of Chiffon' and 'The Boy on the Inside'. She is also in development on a non-fiction book, entitled 'The Soul Purpose', which is a practical guide to finding and living your life's purpose.



Elle Matthews is married to film director and artist, Peter Matthews and has two stepchildren, Sarah and Michael, and a son Luke. She currently lives in the beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.



The Memory of Chiffon

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